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%[spec] and x86 cpp option problems

(Improved patch) Re: New feature, warning on n=n++ etc.

-fall-virtual removal from docs

Re: 2 new testcases

[egcs 1.1] Fix gcc.c handling of %O vis-a-vis temp files

[egcs 1.1] Minor g77 fix

Re: [patch] Re: bug in template function specialization

Re: [Updated 2] dllimport/dllexport attributes for Win32/BeOS

__eprintf fix [was Re: i686-pc-cygwin32 build of 19980628]

alias.c depends on expr.h

Re: analysis: arch=i686, -fPIC won't play nice on OSR5

Re: analysis: arch=i686, -fPIC won't play nice on OSR5 (committed)

Re: atexit patch

Re: Boehm's garbage collector support for Objective-C

Re: Bug fix in `tree.c': build_range_type

Re: Bug in cplus-dem.c

build problem with Fortran

c enable-checking failure

c++ enable checking failure 3

c++ enable-checking failure 2

Re: cccp.c fix for VMS

cccp.c fix for vms vax c style include handling

clean bug in Fortran

Re: combine.c patch

const_double garbage

cpplib and -xc-header

CSE fold_rtx subreg patch

Declare function types correctly for cygwin32

dllexport patch

Dumping contexts

egcs cvs, toplev.c fails to compile on openvms/alpha

Re: egcs for mips-wrs-vxworks?

egcs GCC_FUNC_PRINTF_PTR subtle design flaw, and patch to fix

egcs mainline, more warning patches ...

egcs, bootstrap failure sunos4 cc + PATCH

egcs, cexp.y warning patch for noise in MAX_WCHAR_TYPE_SIZE

egcs, warning patches

Re: egcs-1.0.3: mc68k/mcf5200 codegen bug when optimizing

Re: egcs-19980628 patch for *-rtems

Re: egcs-2.91.43: error for valid c++ code

egcs-2.91.45, alpha trampoline changes break openvms port

Re: egcs-2.91.47 c++ new parsing bug?, function pointer

Re: egcs-current: Major optimizer bug

Re: egcs/gcc and solaris x86 V2.6

Re: exception-section patch, part 1

f77 patch for hostname



Fix for g++.ns/lookup5.C

Fix to %g/%u/%O spec parsing

fix typo in ChangeLog

Fortran build bug

A g++ patch

g77 --help patch

Re: g77 -ieee crash in 1.0.3a

g77 patch (g++ and other front end maintainers take note!)

g77 patch to eliminate long-standing kludge

g77 patch to fix "diagnosed crash" sort of bug

g77 patch to possible improve some debugging stuff

gcc patch to fix -fsyntax-only (again)

gcc.c commentary fix

Re: gcc/md.texi:2417: Cross reference to nonexistent node`Storage_Layout'



i386.c patch


Re: ICE980331 *2 with egcs-2.91.47 19980710

Improved search for reload_address_base_reg_class

Re: Improvement to loop optimization in presence of inlining

Inappropriate patch?!

Re: incorrect warning

inline functions and local labels

Re: internal compiler error

Invalid format string

Re: Is http://www.cygnus.com/ml/egcs-bugs/1998-Jul/0147.html fixed

jump failure w/ varray

jump.c patch

Kenner's June 7 change to expand_expr (A sched.c patch )

language option segfault

Large template patch

last enable-checking patch not correct.

libf2c build changes for 1.1

libf2c build failure

Re: libf2c requires autoheader

Re: libf2c update

libI77 backspace fix for i386-mingw32 (fwd)

A libio patch for egcs 1.1/1.0.3a

The library interface again

libU77 patch for win32

Re: little epilogue optimization

local alloc / global alloc / reload problem

Re: loop optimizations, mark 12[a]

loop optimizations, mark 13

loop unrolling bugfix

A loop.c patch

MachTen Egcs Patches

Makefile `uninstall' improvement

Mangling of namespace-scoped templates

mingw32 and stdiostream

Minor changes to contrib/test_summary

Re: minor install nit

Re: Minor simplification for gcc/Makefile.in

mips address splitting breaks named section support

More Dwarf2 issues

More libf2c DOS-naming necessary?

New egcs/gcc/testsuite/g77.f-torture/noncompile/980615-0.f

Re: New feature, warning on n=n++ etc.

A new patch for the x86 -fpic and -fomit-frame-pointer bug

New PATCH to toplevel configure (was: Re: Patch to configure.in )

New test case...

Nit: small patch to cp/decl.c to increase readability of multiline error message, proposal for more

output_scc_di in m68k.c broken


PATCH : clean up of OPTIMIZATION_OPTIONS in gcc/config/dsp16xx/dsp16xx.h

A patch for -fpic and -fomit-frame-pointer on x86

Patch for -Wno-multichar

Re: A patch for a bad combine bug

Patch for alternate type attribute syntax

PATCH for bogus loop optimization

PATCH for bogus loop optimization, part 2

Patch for correction of virtual pointer (mingw32 and cygwin32)

PATCH for counterintuitive -m behavior on m68k.

PATCH for crash on nested templates (crash11.C)


Patch for enable-checking failure egcs-19980715

Re: A patch for gcc.c-torture/execute/980505-1.c

Re: Patch for gcc/print-rtl.c

PATCH for invalid opcode on m68k

A patch for Makefile.in

A patch for memory leak

PATCH for method calls in template functions

Re: PATCH for providing atexit on SunOS

Patch for remove message "stdcall directive ignored" for mingw32

PATCH for static DWARF2 buffers

PATCH for templates and method calls

PATCH for the egcs-19980628 libstdc++/Makefile.in problem

A patch for the loop alias bug

Patch for typo in extend.texi

PATCH new test

PATCH Re: c enable-checking failure

patch to add #pushdef, #popdef to cccp,cpplib

PATCH to bump VERSION completely

Patch to configure.in

patch to eliminate negative unsigned type warning

PATCH to expand_end_loop for better optimization

Re: PATCH to fix several template template parameter bugs

PATCH to fix some template problems

PATCH to hoist loads/stores out of loops

Patch to i386/linux.h

Patch to initializer_constant_valid_p

PATCH to pushtag for template crash

PATCH to rs6000.md, comments?

Patch to simple_cst_equal

PATCH: config.guess for newer Pentia on two SCO oses

PATCH: Fortran frontend killed bootstrap (again)

PATCH: miscellaneous nits in NetBSD configuration

PATCH: missing typename in stl_tempbuf.h

PATCH: nested class and template template parameter

PATCH: New failing g++ test in lastest snapshots.

Re: PATCH: OpenServer and GNU as.

Re: PATCH: OpenServer and GNU as. (committed)

PATCH: Re: Fortran program crash in libg2c with latest snaps

PATCH: Testcase for new C++ bug? Comments please.

Re: PATCH: Testcase for new C++ bug? Comments please. (COMMITTED)

Re: patches for mips-linux

Re: Possible CSE quirk involving SUBREG on the i386

Problem with sizeof (mingw32 and cygwin32)

prototype fix for alpha/alpha.c

Queries made easy . . .

reg_scan info validity during jump

regmove.c inconsistencies

Reload bug

Re: A reload patch

Re: safe_from_p changes tree code

A sched.c patch

Re: serious inline math pb i386

Small typo

Small typo patch for invoke.texi


SUCCESS! (was: Re: A new patch for the x86 -fpic and -fomit-frame-pointer bug )

Support for CONSTANT_P_RTX for m68k

Support for parsing some GHS pragmas

target-specific type attributes

Test case for const pointer reference bug

Test cases

Re: Test cases (committed)

Re: A testcase patch

UCE: Queries made easy . . .

Undo earlier g77 patch

An update on reg-stack.c patch

The use of .cvsrc

Very preliminary old loop.c work

A warning option for confusing overload resolution

Warnings cleanup

win32 patch to fix patch error

Wrong fix !!: egcs/gcc ChangeLog config/alpha/alpha.c config ...

www archive for egs-patches not very useful

wwwdocs changes

An x86 code gen patch

An x86 code gen patch (new)

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