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Re: PATCH for static DWARF2 buffers

  In message <>you write:
  >     Jim> I noticed that you have a tendency to use `char* foo', but
  >     Jim> most GNU code uses `char *foo'.
  > I never declare multiple variables on a single line (e.g. `char *foo,
  > bar;') which, I believe, is the motivation for using the (IMO
  > harder-to-read) `char *foo'.  Still, I'm happy to make those changes,
  > before checking in the change, if you'd like.  Would you?
I don't know if the coding standards say anything about this issue.
However, we should try and conform to what is found throughout the
rest of gcc, which is the "char *" form.

Do do see one other style issue that needs to be addressed.  The code
tends to define functions like this:

dyn_string_t dyn_string_resize (ds, space)

Instead it should be

dyn_string_resize (ds, space)

  > Agreed.  But, for the time being at least, we'll have fixed the
  > problem.  Would you like me to put this change on the 1.1 branch as
  > well as the mainline?  (I have no strong feelings about this
  > question.)
Or install it in just the mainline and double all the static arrays
sizes on the branch.  I'm willing to go with your judgement on this.


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