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Re: The library interface again

On nil, 27 July 1998, 17:01:02, wrote:

 > (H.J. Lu) writes:
 > > Mine is a working solution. For Linux, the libsubdir one is no better
 > > than the current one if not worse since it introduces the dependency
 > > on libsubdir.
 > I agree with HJ on this.  Jeff, consider making this change since the
 > subdir stuff simply will lead to unnecessary trouble since it would
 > require permanently updating the file or hardcoding an
 > rpath.

I agree with the dependency on libsubdir, but concerning,
that's simply not true; it would only force all C++ developers to do
on Linux what's necessary on other systems using shared libs anyway

  LD_RUN_PATH=`gcc --print-file-name=` g++ ... <your linker args>

should be sufficient.

Jeff, I believe you should give H.J.'s patch a chance and put it into
the release branch; though I've been using my libsubdir solution since 
a long time now, I guess his patch would better fit the "normal Linux
user" ;-) and BTW, yes, it does work, I've checked it on Linux and
Solaris so far.


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