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Re: PATCH to, comments?

At 12:42 17.07.98 , Franz Sirl wrote:
>At 04:58 17.07.98 , Richard Henderson wrote:
>>Anyway, we should find out what went wrong with the bootstrap,
>>though since __builtin_constant_p never appears in libgcc2.c,
>>I find it hard to believe that it is related to the CONSTANT_P_RTX
>>patch.  Franz, does it really bootstrap without those changes?
>yes, same source, except my patch and your CONSTANT_P_RTX changes which I
>had backed out. But keep in mind that I'm on cvs-glibc-2.0.94 from mid of
>June. Hmm, when I had the problems with Mark Mitchell's changes to
>stmt.c/jump.c (NOTE_INSN_BLOCK_{BEG,END})it also bombed out in libgcc2/_bb
>til DaveM's patch fixed that. Could they be related?
>Anyway, here's the new version of the patch, untested yet.

Ok, successfully bootstrapped a freshly checked out and patched
egcs_1_1_branch. Must have been either the mask_operand stuff or your patch
to that fixed it.

Here's the ChangeLog entry missing before.

Fri Jul 17 1998  Richard Henderson  <>
		  Franz Sirl <>

	* rs6000/rs6000.c: Add support for CONSTANT_P_RTX
	* rs6000/ Likewise.
	* rs6000/rs6000.h: Update PREDICATE_CODES accordingly


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