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Re: PATCH to, comments?

  In message <>you write:
  > >I would recommend against folks spending time on this right now, our
  > >concentration should be on stabilizing for egcs-1.1, not adding new
  > >optimizations.
  > Uah, I don't agree!! First I don't think the CONSTANT_P_RTX is
  > an optimization,
The new code is deferring the evaluation to a later point in the compiler;
the warning occurs because the backend does not support deferred evaluation.

The deferred evaluation is an optimization.  Thus it is not critical
for egcs-1.1.  If it was necessary for correct behavior I would have
objected to it going in without someone fixing all the backends at
the same time.

  > I thought it's simply different __builtin_constant handling. If this is not
  > fixed before 1.1, users will be flooded with the resulting warnings, which
  > additionally invalidate the whole testsuite! Something _has_ to be done about
  > this before 1.1!
It is likely the warning will be removed from the egcs-1.1 branch
much like the -W -Wall stuff in the Makefile.  There's no need to
panic the user community over a missed optimization.

  > BTW, I see new testcases are only added to the mainline now. Shouldn't the
  > testcase deadline moved nearer to the 1.1 release date? Especially for c++
  > testcases...
In general, once the branch is made, we don't want to be adding new
files to the release, including testcases.

I'm not going to strongly object to someone adding new tests to the
branch right now, but the default behavior is to add them to the
mainline tree only.  This is mostly a time/maintenance issue.  It is
bad enough just trying to manage patches that have to be installed
into multiple locations.

I'll probably let things loosely go in "stabilize and bugfix mode" for 
about another week while I try to get the official testing criteria
ready.   Once the official testing criteria are available, then I'll
be approving all patches for the release branch.

I do not want the egcs-1.1 to drag on like egcs-1.0 did.  Thus the
need to say "enough is enough" at some point :-)


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