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Re: patch to add #pushdef, #popdef to cccp,cpplib

On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Chuck Blake wrote:
> This small patch adds a pair of preprocessor line directives.
> They implement a very simple macro stack control mechanism.
> This allows crude but effective lexical scoping for macro names
> in a way that I believe is in harmony with the flavor of cpp.

Please do not add that to EGCS! There are already way to many GCC 
language extensions (some of which are quite strange or even broken).

I think the goal should be support of ANSI/ISO C resp. C++, not some
highly unportable extensions or a different language at all!

For those who need a different, more powerful pre-processor, there is
always the possibility to make it a separate pass in Makefiles etc.

Chuck, this is really not personal, but can you, for example, guarantee
that you will we able to maintain that piece of code for say 20 years?

Furthermore EGCS is not even fully ISO C++ compliant yet, I'd really 
like to see that compliance before even considering (further) extensions.

But then, note that this is only the opinion of a humble user, not that
of the EGCS maintainer(s)...

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)      Vienna University of Technology

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