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Re: wwwdocs changes

  In message <>you write:
  > > I normally resist facist attempts to change my link colours anyway,
  > > otherwise I'd often get confused about what _are_ links. I guess this
  > > isn't egcsactly the most important thing to worry about, though.
  > Actually I did not mean to oppose your suggestion, just emphasize your
  > point that we should change the current situation. Whether we change it
  > this way or the other, I don't really mind; just the current state is
  > undesirable.
  > BTW, how about using CSS -- cascading style sheets? That way we'll have
  > to change stuff like this only at a _single_ place in the future?
I've got no particular objection so long as it doesn't require any more 
post processing after a checkin to make the pages active on the server.

The CVS support for post-processing after a checkin is rather fragile,
so we don't want to mess with it unless absolutely necessary.

If that's not possible, we could create a template page from which
every other page must be derived.  Its purpose would be to provide
a consistent look to the various pages.  This is less attractive as
we'd have to convert each page (each time we change the template!).

  > Jeff, what do you think? If you're interested, I'd be willing to take
  > this over and change the entire site accordingly -- just let me know!
Actually, Marc Lehman first requested this assignment a while back
(well before we had the pages in the CVS tree), so we should give him
first crack at it if he still wants it.



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