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Compiling Samba with LTO

Hi all!

I'm seeing a problem when building Samba with LTO. Linking fails
reproducibly at this stage:

[4086/4247] Linking default/source4/torture/smbtorture
13:31:06 runner /usr/bin/gcc
default/source4/lib/registry/tests/generic_20.o ...
... many many object files and libraries ...

/tmp/cc9skRWL.ltrans3.ltrans.o: In function `smbsrv_accept.lto_priv.11':
<artificial>:(.text+0x4cd6): undefined reference to `timeval_current.lto_priv.641'
/tmp/cc9skRWL.ltrans4.ltrans.o: In function `smbsrv_recv_smb2_request':
<artificial>:(.text+0xf661): undefined reference to `timeval_current.lto_priv.641'
... many more undefined references to timeval_* ...

Full build log:

$ gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 5.3.1 20151207 (Red Hat 5.3.1-2)

The buildsystem correctly passes -flto when compiling .c files and the
link steps has it as well.

The missing symbols are in libsamba-util which is among the linked

$ nm bin/shared/ | egrep
000000000001cd6b T timeval_current
000000000001a206 T timeval_elapsed

The build works just fine without -flto.

I'd appreciate any pointers on how to get -flto going.


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