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Trouble with automatic symbol export/import on Cygwin64

Dear all,

While preparing a new release of MPIR ( we encountered issues
on Cygwin64.
A detailed discussion of the issue is already available on Cygwin mailing list:
and follow-ups.

Quickly it seems the problem seem to be that calling assembly defined
functions (assembled with yasm) without the __declspec(dllimport)
magic leads to a "callq" instruction with a chopped off address
instead of a correct magic trampoline code.
This seems to be the case with both gcc 4.7.3 and 4.8.2 but the
culprit might be elsewhere.
Our current solution is to use the _declspec(dllimport) magic, but as
it should not be necessary anymore, it would be nice to understand
what is going wrong here.

Looking a little bit at the import lib produced by gcc, it seems that
problematic symbols have the __nm_ prefix, whereas non-problematic one
Any clue on how this is decided?
In particular, when tryng to compile a minimal lib with dummy function
I don't get __nm_ prefixes.


Jean-Pierre Flori

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