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Re: [gcc4.4.4] bootstrap

Hi ,

Many thank's to all of you who take time to help me to build gcc compiler on solaris 2.10 x86.

I realise that the main probleme was that I want to use the -m64 flags to compile the compiler. And there a step between the gcc432 and gcc440. The solution was th compile the compiler with the 32bits mpfr gmp and mpc librairies.
And then to compile the gcc 443 with the result. The use of the -m64 means that during the compilation the process stop because in the stage 2 and 3 he din't use the -m64 for the linkage, so it is necessary the to change the Makefile of cpp and gcc to add that flags.

Now I have a gcc443 bootstraped. unfortunetly the gcc 440 and the 450 stop during the compilation of the C++ library. I will se that later.

Many thanks.

Pierre LÃonard, Ph.D.
Institut Micalis
(Microbiologie de lâAlimentation au service
de la Santà humaine)
Centre de recherche de Jouy en Josas.
Domaine de Vilvert
78 352 Jouy en Josas cedex
01 34 65 29 27

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