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Re: Runtime error message: "format too complex"

On 7/19/2010 10:36 PM, Bushhouse, Sally (MDH) wrote:
Hi, I am getting the error message, "format too complicated" when I try to run my Fortran program in Solaris 10, after I compiled it using the g77 compiler. (version 2.95.3 20010315 (release) -- the compilation produced no errors or warnings)

It's complaining about this format statement: (1X,I6,1X,I2,5X,I7,3X,A2,6X,A15,1X,A10,1X,A10,T72,A15,1X,A40,1X,A40,1X,A20,T191,A5,1X,A2,6X,A3,5(4X,A2),4X,A9,1X,A1,3X,A3,3X,A8,1X,A4,T276,A1,10X,A5,7X,A1,5X,A1,T321,A5,7X,A8,1X,A10,1X,A6,2X,A6,T369,A8,10X,A1,13X,I6,1X,A2,7X,A2,10X,A4,1X,A3,8X,A40,T486,A40,1X,A20,1X,A2,9X,A5,8X,A3,9X,A10,1X,A1,T604,A1,9X,A1,7X,A1,9X,A1,8X,A1,7X,A1,7X,A1,7X,A3,8X,3(A2,1X),T685,A2,8X,3(A2,1X),A2,8X,A2,11X,A2,13X,A2,13X,A3,11X,A2,8X,A1,T798,A2,7X,A1,17X,A2,9X,A1,12X,6(A3,5X),A6,6X,A6,9X,A2,8X,A2,T944,A2,8X,3(A1,14X),A2,15X,A1,14X,A1,14X,A1,15X,A1,T1080,A1,17X,A2,6X,A2,16X,A2,16X,A2,16X,A2,16X,A1,19X,A1,T1218,A1,19X,A1,19X,A1,16X,A1,16X,A1,18X,A1,18X,A2,13X,A2,T1360,A1,12X,A8,2X,A8,6X,A1,8X,A1,8X,A1,10X,A2,16X,A2,T1460,A1,11X,A8,1X,A1,12X,A2,9X,A2,9X,A1,13X,A8,T1541,A2,11X,A2,11X,A1,15X,A8,5X,A2,7X,A2,7X,A8,1X,A2,9X,A8,T1648,A2,16X,A1,13X,A1,13X,A8,6X,A8,8X,A1,16X,A1,17X,A1,T1777,A1,12X,A1,19X,A1,19X,A10)

Admitted, it's a rather long line of data, but when I compile the exact same code under Solaris 8 using Sun's f77 compiler, it compiles and then runs without errors.

I did this Google search, and it returned zero hits:
"format too complicated" + "Solaris 10" +g77

I can't believe I'm the first person who has ever received this message.
Have you, dear reader, seen this before? Any advice? Thank you.

I can believe you may be the first person to try such an ancient Fortran on Solaris 10. I don't know current practice on how wide a format can be expected to work reliably; perhaps the gfortran people can shed light on this.

Tim Prince

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