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On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 2:00 PM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
> "Kim, Eunchan" <> writes:
>> With your helps, I could port first draft version of GCC. Thank you all.
>> Now, I port 2nd version. At first, I ported with mips descriptions.
>> But now i port from scratch while reading chapter 17 in GCC Internals.
>> Now, I'm at TARGET_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS_P. But i cannot how to define
>> this Hook because i can not find any examples that define
>> 'TARGET_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS_P'. every port defines
>> GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS which is deprecated instead
> As you've seen, in the current development sources,
> GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS has been replaced by
> TARGET_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS_P. ?I assume you are doing your port using
> some older version of gcc. ?If you run "make pdf" in the gcc
> subdirectory of a configured build directory, you will get a copy of
> the internals manual for the version of gcc that you are using. ?It
> will be called gccint.pdf. ?Or you can just read the texinfo source
> files for the manual, they are fairly readable.
> GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS jumps to a label if the address is
> legitimate.
> Ian

I'm working on gcc 4.3.4 . Yes you are right. I was refering
gccinternals from website ( it is 4.5.0 ).

Now i got gccint for gcc 4.3.4.

Thank you.


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