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Re: ...GCC compile/make error on Red Hat 5.2

Hi Eljay,




[root@gv-itsqa1 gcc-4.4.2]# pwd

[root@gv-itsqa1 gcc-4.4.2]# ls
ABOUT-NLS                    include       libjava          MAINTAINERS         README
boehm-gc            contrib                        INSTALL       libmudflap       maintainer-scripts  serdep.tmp
ChangeLog           COPYING                        install-sh    libobjc          Makefile            stage_current
ChangeLog.tree-ssa  COPYING3                       intl          libssp           Makefile.def        stage_final
compile             COPYING3.LIB                   LAST_UPDATED  libstdc++-v3         stage_last
config              COPYING.LIB                    libada        libtool-ldflags  Makefile.tpl        symlink-tree
config.guess        COPYING.RUNTIME                libcpp        libtool.m4       MD5SUMS             x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
config.log          depcomp                        libdecnumber  ltgcc.m4         missing             ylwrap        fixincludes                    libffi        mkdep               zlib
config.rpath        gcc                            libgcc        lt~obsolete.m4   mkinstalldirs
config.status       gmp                            libgfortran   ltoptions.m4     move-if-change
config.sub          gnattools                      libgomp       ltsugar.m4       mpfr
configure           host-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu  libiberty     ltversion.m4     NEWS
[root@gv-itsqa1 gcc-4.4.2]# 

----- Original Message ----
From: John (Eljay) Love-Jensen <>
To: Joe Thykattil <>; GCC-help <>
Sent: Thu, October 29, 2009 1:45:16 PM
Subject: Re: ...GCC compile/make error on Red Hat 5.2

Hi Joe,

> Please let me know why I may be getting the following error when performing
> a make?

I could not tell from your message these two bits of information:

What is the directory which contains the GCC source code?

What is the directory in which you are performing the configure and running

You might also want to provide this information:
+ platform (looks like Intel x64_64)
+ OS (looks like Linux)
+ version of GNU make you are using
+ version of GNU GCC you are using to build GCC with
+ your exact config line used to configure GCC
+ your exact make line used to perform the build



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