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Re: How to add pthread support for GCC powerpc-eabi cross platform?

The scenario is as follows... Actually I'm building a huge application using
Diab toolchain . The target RTOS (cant reveal name :-(... ) required kernel
services are also built along with the application. The image is loaded into
target device(powerpc machine) as a bootable image. But that RTOS doesn't
have pthread support., wheras the library used by Diab-c compiler has
pthread library. So it worked fine so far.

Now I'm porting this application to GCC compiler. I built the powerpc-eabi
cross tool chain with newlib. Since the pthread library is not part of
newlib library, I guess I would face problem which porting. :-(..
I can't use Glibc since there is no support for powerpc-eabi in Glibc! How
to over come this problem?


Ian Lance Taylor-3 wrote:
> Kai Ruottu <> writes:
>> For a layman like me some things  sound  predestined like that Posix
>> threads
>> being an additional  feature in an Posix-compatible opsys  meanwhile  the
>> standard C library like newlib implements the base Posix C functions. 
>> The
>> real priests will know more about these things. So...
>> What is the "operating system" on the target?  Does it support Posix
>> threads?
>> At least Cygwin on Win32 uses newlib as the base C library and should
>> support
>> Posix threads. Also the RTEMS RTOS should use newlib and support Posix
>> threads :
>> So I would be really surprised if  newlib  should nowadays implement 
>> some
>> "operating system" too...
> newlib used not only on cygwin and RTEMS, but also on pure embedded
> systems with no operating system.  In that case newlib relies on
> libgloss to provide some basic functionality.  In that scenario, it
> makes sense to ask whether the newlib/libgloss combination provides
> POSIX threads for a specific target.
> In general, as far as I know, the answer is "no."  POSIX threads are
> fairly difficult to implement correctly.
> Ian

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