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Re: How to add pthread support for GCC powerpc-eabi cross platform?

Michael Eager wrote:
Jeffi Edward.J wrote:

Hi all,

I build cross tool chain for powerpc-eabi platform with newlib.
When i compiled a POSIX thread program, gcc issues error. In few pages I
could see that current newlib doesnt have support of pthread for
powerpc-eabi platform.
Is there any other way to add pthread support for GCC with newlib?
Sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this query.

Probably you would have more luck with the Newlib mailing list:

For a layman like me some things sound predestined like that Posix threads being an additional feature in an Posix-compatible opsys meanwhile the standard C library like newlib implements the base Posix C functions. The real priests will know more about these things. So...

What is the "operating system" on the target? Does it support Posix threads?

At least Cygwin on Win32 uses newlib as the base C library and should support
Posix threads. Also the RTEMS RTOS should use newlib and support Posix
threads :

So I would be really surprised if  newlib  should nowadays implement  some
"operating system" too...

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