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Re: Need help with my Project

As a retired university CS professor, I suggest that you consult with
your instructor about this. He/she assumes that you have enough
knowledge from the class to tackle this problem. If not, then you
probably do not have a good understanding of some concepts that lead up
to this problem. My take is that you need some help with some basic
concepts. That's what instructors are for. At least, that's my opinion.


On Sat, 2009-10-17 at 15:18 +0530, Ajay Kumar wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I am Ajay, a student from India. I'm working on one of my course
> projects that require me to edit GCC such that it accepts a new pair
> keywords. The needed functionality for this pair of keyword is similar
> to that of parenthesis which will allow us to process the block of
> code enclosed between them. The project requires me to edit gcc to
> identify this new pair of keywords, then process the block of code
> enclosed. I am very new to the internals of gcc. I've started studying
> the GCC internals but getting no clue where to start on my project.
> Please guide me how to achieve the above functionality.
>  Thanks in advance,
> Ajay.

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