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Re: Specifying target for powerpc/AMX RTOS platform to build GCC cross compiler

Thank you Ian :-) I understood --target=powerpc-eabi is appropriate and no
headers are required for newlib. I could build the crosstool chain with
newlib. Thanks again for giving detailed explanation for queries. :-) Atlast
I built the cross toolchain for powerpc target :-)

Ian Lance Taylor-3 wrote:
> jeffiedward <> writes:
>> I have to build GCC cross compiler for Motorola powerpc processor family
>> big
>> endian model running KADAK AMX RTOS.
>> How to specify --target in configuration option for the above
>> environment?
>> In GNU GCC page, I could see list of targets for powerpc family.
>> Is it appropriate to specify powerpc-*-eabi? Should I replace * with any
>> target specific detail?
>> In several places I have seen --target=powerpc-eabi. Is it correct to
>> specify this?
> Yes.  powerpc-eabi is probably what you want.
>> Also, should I use AMX header files in --with-headers while building
>> newlib
>> for target platform?
> newlib does not normally require any additional header files, and
> using --with-headers would most likely not be appropriate.  I don't
> know what the AMX header files are.
> Ian

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