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Re: Reverse the direction of stack growth

PhDUCSB <> writes:

> Ian Lance Taylor-3 wrote:
>> PhDUCSB <> writes:
>>> I am trying to modify the gcc backend to reverse the stack growth
>>> direction.
>>> Do you think this is an easy task to do?
>> It kind of depends on the backend.  It's easy to change what the
>> middle-end cares about--just undefine STACK_GROWS_DOWNWARD.  You'll have
>> to make sure that the backend does all the right things in the function
>> prologue and epilogue code.
> Thanks for that tip. I tried doing that but the problem right now is that
> both compilers( the original and mine) produce the same executable
> regardless of any modifications I have done. I really have no clue. Please
> help.

We can't help you without a lot more information.  What backend are
you using?  What are you really trying to do?

The stack direction is normally built into a backend in many different
ways, so if you want to change an existing backend, you should expect
to change many different places.  This is not a task to be undertaken
lightly, without a detailed knowledge of gcc backend implementations.


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