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Re: Plugin support for FreeBSD and OS X

Indeed, I've sent in a small patch for a warning I got on FreeBSD,
however I'm not sure how to get autoconf to check the host system,
I'll examine other locations in the code and see if I can't cobble a
patch together.

Regarding OS X my Leopard 64-bit builds aren't an oft required build
type, I'll wait till I upgrade to Snow Leopard to attempt fixing of
the build scripts there.

Nicholas "Indy" Ray

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 1:14 PM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
> "Nicholas \"Indy\" Ray" <> writes:
>> Trying to get GCC plugin support on svn HEAD I've run into a few
>> configure problems on FreeBSD and OS X. Both having to do with
>> requiring -fPIC, -shared, -ldl, and -rdynamic.
>> On Mac OSX when building for x86_64-apple-darwin it has a problem
>> checking "for -fPIC -shared" even if I remove both the args in the
>> LDFlags that still seems to fail, yet both seem to be available on my
>> OSX gcc when building for x86_64.
>> On FreeBSD libdl doesn't exist and dlopen support should be checked by
>> configure without "-ldl" in LDFLAGS It works just fine with the -ldl
>> check just removed verbatim, but I don't know autoconf enough to be
>> able to submit a patch that checks for BSD.
> Thanks for the report. ?The plugin support was developed and tested on
> GNU/Linux. ?We would be very interested in having people who use other
> hosts send patches to make the plugin support work on their hosts.
> The plugin developers use only GNU/Linux so they have no very good way
> to write and test those patches themselves.
> Ian

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