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Re: 4.2 build problem on redhat x86_64

On Nov 30, 2007 10:38 AM, Kai Ruottu <> wrote:
> Andrew Bell wrote:
> > I was trying to build gcc, but the process failed when trying to build
> > the binutils that I linked in.
> "Linked in"?  Did you try to "combine" the binutils and GCC sources into
> one "build tree" and then
> configure and build them both at the same time?
> The combining isn't that simple when binutils and GCC are separate
> projects :(   The same-name
> subdirectories should be "in sync", suitable for both the binutils and
> the GCC version.  It would be
> much better to configure and build these separately, one by one!

The build instructions states that make:

"Perform a 3-stage bootstrap of the compiler. This includes building
three times the target tools for use by the compiler such as binutils
(bfd, binutils, gas, gprof, ld, and opcodes) if they have been
individually linked or moved into the top level GCC source tree before

Tried things one at a time and that worked OK.  Has the integrated
build of binutils been tested lately.  Perhaps it works, it may just
need a little more detail in the instructions.

Cheers and Thanks,

Andrew Bell

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