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Re: Targetting strange CPU architecture

"Mark B" <> writes:

> I have a virtual CPU architecture set up that is rather strange. It
> has similar commands to the x86 architecture, but every registry
> memory location is 1 'byte' each byte is really a 32 bit floating
> point number. So if you go
> mov [345], 1
> mov [346], 2e99
> this moves the floating point number 1.0 into memory location 345, and
> floating point number 2e99 into memory location 346, even though these
> are 32 bit floats and each address is only 1 'byte'. Get it? I was
> wondering if it would be possible to write a gcc backend for this kind
> of cpu. I was under the impression that the backend had to have RTLs
> for at least mov instructions for QImode and SFmode... is it possible
> to have everything run in a single mode that is floating point?

Your only hope of making this work is to #define BITS_PER_UNIT 32.
This assumes that you can always store a 32-bit value in each memory

Such processors are rare, and there are occasionally problems working
with them.


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