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Re: reduce compilation times?

J.C. Pizarro wrote:
Anyways, most OSS projects routinely violate most basic rules of proper
software development. About the only thing they get right is they at
least use some form of revision and bug control. Firefox is another
beast. OpenOffice is a much more annoying offender.

Repairing the development's violations is not an offense.
It's a good solution to try repair the violated rules of software development.
I'd like to think, at least in the GCC case, that there are plenty of good folk to steer things in the right direction. Could be wrong, but so far GCC has been a fairly reliable toolsuite.

Unlike the anthem of the bazaar not all projects are helped by having 1000s of unqualified hands in the pot. I'm not a compiler designer. Just because I can design and write software doesn't mean I should be engineering a compiler project. So we have to trust that the people who own/maintain the tree are actually going to make things better.

And in the end, it's not perfect, but honestly what is? All I'd like to see if people can easily help avoid bad development practices, why not?

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