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Re: reduce compilation times?

On 2007/11/28, Tom St Denis <> wrote:
> J.C. Pizarro wrote:
> > On 2007/11/28, Duft Markus <> wrote:
> >
> >> Hi!
> >>
> >> I assume, that all strategies discussed here are targeted at C. now what
> >> about C++, how do things behave there? As far as i know C++ is much
> >> different, and requires completely different thinking with regards to
> >> splitting source in more files, etc.
> >>
> >> Cheers, Markus
> >>
> >
> > Your comment is good.
> >
> > Splitting C files is different to splitting C++ files or splitting Java files,
> > Fortran, Ada, ObjC, ....
> >
> > As GCC is made in C-only then we only need to split C files to reduce the
> > recompilation time if we want.
> >
> > For other projects made in C++, Java, Fortran, Ada, ObjC, ...., they are
> > hard to split their files.
> >
> This is so blatantly false ... I don't know about fortran/ada/obj, but
> for C++ and Java you can trivially factor your code.

It's not false, you get wrong.

> In the case of C++, you can just put each method of a class in a
> separate .C file.  Provided they all include a .H file which defines the
> class prototype it's ok.

I'm not sure if GCC C++ does it.

> In the case of Java, you can break up a large task into classes which
> handle separate functions of the program.  For example, a compiler may
> have an I/O class, a lexer class, a parser class, an interface for
> optimizations, and various implementations of the interface, etc, etc.
> Hell, most colleges teach things like the MVC model when doing GUI Java
> apps which, last I checked, is a way to refactor one large program into
> separate tasks.

We've talking to split files (e.g. 1 file per 1 function or per 1 method),
not to separate tasks or factor tasks.

Java can't split many methods of a class to many files,
only 1 file per 1 class, not 1 file per method.

> And again you're missing the point (with your comment about future GCCs
> that I accidentally snipped).  You want to refactor your code so you can
> ***MAINTAIN*** it.

"to maintain" and "to optimize" (reducing time) too.

> Tom


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