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Re: reduce compilation times?

J.C. Pizarro wrote:
On 2007/11/28, John (Eljay) Love-Jensen <> wrote:
Hi Duft,

I assume, that all strategies discussed here are targeted at C. now what about C++, how do things behave there? As far as i know C++ is much different, and requires completely different thinking with regards to splitting source in more files, etc.
The Large-Scale C++ Software Design by Lakos which I've recommended targets C++.

How to take you of care in "dangling pointers" and "memory leaks"
from C++ sources?
Debuggers and profilers. (Hint: learn to use gdb and valgrind).

For large-scale projects, besides C++, there are another high-level
languages as Java (hated people because of Sun), Eiffel, Erlang,
Mercury, Oz, Common Lisp, Ruby, Python, etc.


This is asinine and off-topic for this list. If you want to talk about other languages that are not used in, or provided by, the GCC toolset, you should probably move the conversation off-list.

That said, who in their right mind develops a large modern day project in Eiffel, Erlang, etc, whatever, etc?

I'd rather use Perl or C (or I suppose C++) as they're languages that are likely to be well supported in, oh say, 10-20 years. Seen many Cobol compilers recently?


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