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Re: FW: Errors issued while building GCC

On Nov 28, 2007 4:23 AM, Ankur Gupta <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am newly assigned to GNU CC work. I am using Win-xp-sp2 and Cygwin to
> build GCC. I have successfully installed the 'binutils', but while building
> GCC below errors are being issued:
> I am using below procedure to build GCC:
> 1. Configure the GCC by giving the following command in the directory where
> GCC package is placed.

>From the gcc installation page, quote:

First, we highly recommend that GCC be built into a separate directory
than the sources which does not reside within the source tree. This is
how we generally build GCC; building where srcdir == objdir should
still work, but doesn't get extensive testing; building where objdir
is a subdirectory of srcdir is unsupported.

End quote.

Say your gcc source directory is /somedir/gcc-4.3.  Then

  cd /somedir
  mkdir gcc_build
  cd gcc_build
  ../gcc-4.3/configure ... [configure options...]

  make [options...]
  make install

You probably ought not to specify the --prefix since /usr/local is the default.

You probably ought not to specify the target and let the gcc scripts
figure it out.

You probably ought not to use the unusual make targets  unless you
really know what you're doing--the defaults work fine.
Hopefully that should eliminate the problems.


Tom Browder
Niceville, Florida

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