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Re: Questions for GCC

Jakob Ullmann wrote:
> Hello,
> Some days ago I have found the great compiler "gcc" in the web. But I have
> got three questions. I would like to create a IDE for C/C++. I have compiled
> a C++ script with following command line:
>   g++ -c "d:\projekt c editor\files\hello_world_cpp.cpp" -o "d:\projekt c
> editor\files\hello_world_cpp.exe"
> But then I got a message including the message, that I have not got no acces
> for the file. I have got full acces! I hope you can help.
You'll have to narrow down the subject.  With so many gcc environments,
and so many varieties of Windows, it's hard to guess what you are using.
 Even your message about "no access" is too vague.  Certainly, if you
are running a bash shell, commonly used with several gcc
implementations, what you quote above will not get you far.

> And the third question is: Does GCC support the creation of real windows in
> C? 
Again a vague question.  I'll point out the existence of an X Window
programming help list for cygwin.  I guess, if you're from Microsoft,
you might think there is something unreal about X, but I don't know an
accepted meaning for "real windows."

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