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gfortan requires old directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or else gmp error

I've been trying to build gcc 4.2.2 using a script which starts with a blank environment and explicitly sets each needed variable.  I've installed gmp and mpfr and am specifying those installations with --with-gmp and --with-mpfr.  On two different systems, I've found that unless LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains the library directory of the previous gcc, I get the following error:

	checking whether the GNU Fortran compiler is working... no                      
	configure: error: GNU Fortran is not working; the most common reason
	for that   is that you might have linked it to shared GMP and/or MPFR
	libraries, and not   set LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly. If you suspect...

The following settings (two different systems, /path/to/usr/lib is where gmp and mpfr are installed) result in a successful build


Why does the newly-compiled gfortran need this old path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH to function?

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