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Re: ISO C90 checking but ignoring 64-bit printf/scanf warnings

John Love-Jensen wrote:
> Hi Jeroen,
> Can you move from C90 to C99 (ISO 9899:1999)?
> That way you could rely on #include <stdint.h> (the abridged int type
> header) and the #include <inttypes.h> (the header with everything, including
> the printf/scanf support), and stop hard-coding with "%lu" and "%llu".
> Your own home-grown FMT_blah mimics some of the <inttypes.h> PRIblah and
> SCNfblah facilities.

I'll see if I can move over to that, need to check other platforms if
they support that or not. Though it looks like a sane thing to do.

> Does -Wno-long-long suppress some (or any?) of the bothersome warnings?

 Warn if long long type is used.  This is default.  To inhibit the
 warning messages, use -Wno-long-long.  Flags -Wlong-long and
-Wno-long-long are taken into account only when -pedantic flag is used.

Grmbl! So why didn't I see that option before :)

Thank you very much, that is exactly the one I was looking for!


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