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Re: [gcj] Priority setting

NightStrike writes:
 > On 10/19/07, Andrew Haley <> wrote:
 > > NightStrike writes:
 > >  > Does gcj support setting priorities for threads in a java process?
 > >
 > > Yes, it does.  It passes the priority down to the underlying thread system.
 > What is the underlying thread system?  Does it incorporate pthreads,
 > or some other thing?

That depends on the OS.  Usually pthreads.

 > >  > Also, is garbage collection preemptible?
 > >
 > > You'll have to explain what you mean by that.
 > In a Sun virtual machine environment, garbage collection can run at
 > any arbitrary time, and there is nothing that the application can
 > do to prevent this.  In the case of timing-critical applications,
 > the user is at a loss, and thus there can be no determinism in that
 > environment.  I am looking to see how well gcj can perform as an
 > avenue for real time deterministic java applications.

Well, you have the source.  The boehm gc, which gcj uses, isn't really
designed as a real-time gc.  However, you don't have to use the Boehm


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