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Re: problem building gcc-4.3 snapshot in home dir

Miles Bader wrote:

> The fact that it uses different LDFLAGS for stage1 and stage2/3 seems
> a little odd to me, since it's using the same linker (and libraries)
> in both cases.

That's not a bug, that's by design.

It's not necessarily true that it's the same linker.  The bootstrap
stage1 compiler, linker, and assembler can be anything that supports
C89: an ancient version of gcc/binutils, a unix vendor's proprietary
system tools, etc.  But the stage{2,3,4} compiler is always the gcc that
was just built, and in some cases such as a combined tree the assembler
and linker are also the just-built GNU version.  It wouldn't make any
sense to use the same *FLAGS for all stages because the flags for the
vendor's native tools might be completely unrecognizable to GNU tools.

If you want to override BOOT*FLAGS you can do it when invoking make,
which is documented in the installation instructions.  But again in this
case you shouldn't do that as the build infrastructure already has all
the necessary bits in place to deal with setting options for libraries
like gmp and mpfr, you just have to tell it what you want.


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