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Re: Libtool versioning on FreeBSD

Hello Jon,

* Jon Theil Nielsen wrote on Sun, Oct 21, 2007 at 11:50:39PM CEST:
> I have made a major oops and deleted some basic files from my system
> (FreeBSD 7.0-Current). After that I'm in big troubles, sinces almost all
> compilations will end up in an error message like "gnome-libtool: link:
> unknown library version type `freebsd-' 

Does /usr/bin/objformat still exist?  If yes, can it be run?

> Fatal configuration error."
> When I run the libtool --configure command, it states
> # Library versioning type.
> version_type=freebsd-
> which should, I guess, be version_type=freebsd-elf
> Any clues how I can fix this? 

Hmm, the configure macros that come with current libtool do assume
freebsd-elf by default, if `test -x /usr/bin/objformat' fails.  If
you can fix that, a rerun of configure should fix the libtool script.

Or you could manually set
in the libtool script as a workaround, once near the beginning of the
script and once for each non-C tag near the end of the file.

Hope that helps.


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