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Re: Building gcc error


With some other lines for context, please show us the line that your
computer is complaining about. 

Maybe you can solve the problem by running another version of make.  One
of our gcc-help friends told me that GNU make was ending abnormally,
partly because my version of it was too old when I tried to  build
gcc-4.2.0.  After I installed the current version og GNU make and moved
gcc-4.2.0 source tree to a partition roomy enough to build gcc in,
everything went well.


> Gabriel E Rovira Palm wrote:
> > I need help on the below error.
> >
> > I am getting the following error during the building of gcc "Make:
> > line 1252 syntax error". I looked at the Makefile and everything seems
> > fine. I am trying to build the native and I use the following command
> > for the configuration "/usr/local/bin/gcc3/configure
> > -prefix=/opt/gcc/gcc- 3.2.2 -program-sufix=-3.2 -with-as=/usr/ccs/bin
> > -enable-nls" and the configure goes well, is when I execute the "make
> > bootstrap" I get the above error.
> >
> > Should I get the make form GNU to build the GCC or can I use the make
> > from tht eOS
> >
> > HP-UX 11.11
> >   
> Although I haven't built for HPUX for a long time, it always used to be 
> necessary to use gnu make.  However, putting so many errors in the 
> configure command could still kill it.  Better to leave out options 
> rather than misspell them.

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