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Available Linux C libraries for scepticals

Kai Ruottu kirjoitti:
On 11/29/06, Brian Dessent <> wrote:
This especially true for targets where you'd don't have easy access to
existing libc headers, as there is a chicken-and-egg problem of "can't
build a fully functional gcc without libc headers" and "can't build libc
without a functional gcc."
I would call these ideas as "bolshevism" or "bullshitism" because there is no
truth in them, only some blind believe to some weird ideas... For instance if
someone tells that there are no prebuilt C libraries for Linux/PPC, Linux/ARM,
Linux/MIPS, Linux/SH, Linux/Sparc, Linux/m32r, Linux/am33, Linux/m68k,
quite many really believe although some 'dissident' would give the URLs from
where to download these... The prebuilt Linux libs are like UFOs, people may
see them but they don't believe that they see them because so many tell that
they really don't exist....
For Brian and others who don't believe that prebuilt glibcs for all kind of CPU
architectures really do exist, some URLs will follow, from a single archive alone
first :

Debian has Linux ports for quite many CPU architectures, including ARM, MIPS, m68k,
hppa, x86, ia64, x86_64, sparc, s390 and powerpc. Ubuntu has not for so many, ELDK
has for ARM, MIPS and PPC and Fedora for x86, x86_64 and PPC. The Open SuSE 10.1
i586, x86_64 and PPC glibcs can be found for instance via :

The Linux/FRV and Linux/AM33 toolchain distros can be found at least via :

The Linux/m32r and Linux/SH stuff can be found via :

For which CPU-variation of Linux one yet cannot find a prebuilt glibc to be used
during bootstraping?

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