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Re: changes made to gmon-sol2.c not reflected after recompiling gcc

Hi Ian,
I am sorry for the typo, you are right I was missing the "not". My host is i386, Thank you for taking time to reply. I guess I need to get to glibc sources.

Thanks and Regards,

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

"Hari K. Pyla" <> writes:

      I edited the following functions in gmon-sol2.c in
gcc-4.1.1/gcc/config/i386 directory
(i) monstartup()
(ii) _mcleanup()
(iii) internal_mcount()
(iv) moncontrol()
basically added some fprintf()'s,  changed the filename "gmon.out" to
"newgmon.out" in create() and  recompiled gcc with the following
make install

The changes do seem to be reflected in the new build of gcc. Is there
anything that I am missing. I appreciate you taking time to answer

OK, I'm guessing that you're missing a "not" in the first sentence of the last paragraph.

The problem is most likely that gmon-sol2.c is not used.  You didn't
mention which type of host you are running on, but gmon-sol2.c is only
used on x86 Solaris systems.

On other x86 systems, including GNU/Linux, the equivalent code is
found in the C library.  On a GNU/Linux system, you will find the code
in glibc, in the csu subdirectory.


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