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Re: prefetching on pentium 4

ranjith kumar wrote:

   1) Will "gcc" insert prefetch instructions
automatically on "pentium 4" processor?
Which flags should be enabled while compiling sothat
gcc  automatically insert prefetch instructions?

2) Or programmer has to include some functions?
   If so, what is the syntax of that function?

P4 isn't suitable for automatic compiler-generated prefetch. Default hardware prefetch (stride-based and cache line pairs) is quite effective. Prefetch intrinsics are available with #include <xmmintrin.h>. Details on what works vary with steppings. The earliest P4 models could accelerate hardware prefetch by the program issuing 3 cache lines of prefetch prior to entering a loop. Since Northwood, that doesn't work. Since Prescott, prefetch hints are ignored on P4, with prefetch going to L2 regardless of hints. Effect of prefetch on DTLB misses also is model dependent.
Contrary to what certain Windows related docs say, _mm_prefetch() works the same on all compilers which implement it.

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