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Re: Looking for GNU toolchain solution for ARM

On 11/27/06, Kai Ruottu <> wrote:
Steven Woody wrote:
> what's the most popular and reliable toolchain solution for ARM
> target?  i am reading Karim's book 'Building Embedded Linux System'
> which introduced how to build a toolchain manually.  it's interesting
> but seems i have to face with the daunting task of package ( and
> patches ) selection.
 Big companies aren't that sure about their own know-how as guys like
Karim :-)   And therefore use and recommend distros like Debian and
toolchains like Scratchbox :

after open the scratchbox home page, i found it is interesting and likely suitable to my needs. thank you. but for debian, i found nothing.

and, another question, Karim suggested in his book that we should
listen to mailing list for suguestions about gcc/binutils/glibc
package selection ( what combination works ), but i am not sure which
mailing list is right for this kind of questions, do you know?

> on the other hand, i heard the '' which provides > off-the-shelf binary toolchain for ARM,

"Embedded ARM" != "Embedded Linux/ARM"

What you need, Linux on some ARM system or only some firmware
monitor first and then being completed or replaced with your own
firmware?  Maybe you could even consider NetBSD or something
as an alternative for Linux :

i am about to run a Linux on ARM920T.

-- woody

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