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gcc3.3.3 vs gcc4.0.0

Sorry for posting this request in gcc-bugs mailing list...
So here it is in gcc-help mailing list.

----- Forwarded by jayashree.nair/Polaris on 11/24/2006 02:27 PM -----
                      11/22/2006 03:02         cc:                                                  
                      PM                       Subject:  gcc3.3.3 vs gcc4.0.0                                                          

I have a proc file which I compile with the proc compiler and link it with
The .pc file  as well as makefile is same in two m/c's.

In one m/c with gcc3.3.3 installed, I have no problem in compiling and

In another m/c with gcc4.0.0 installed, I was getting the following error:

p15.c:4857: error: conflicting types for 'logerror'
p15.c:4812: error: previous implicit declaration of 'logerror' was here

logerror() was not declared in the p15.pc file.

So I changed the code and declared the method before my main routine and it
solved my problem.

What  I would like to know is that why is this giving me such different
results with the different versions.
Or is there something wrong in the makefile. However my makefile is same in
both the m/c's
Or maybe my 2nd m/c doen't have the requisite libraries in the paths

Somebody please help in dipersing these doubts.


Snapshot of makefile :

p15.o: p15.pc
        $(PROC) $(PROCPLSFLAGS) iname=p15.pc userid=$(USERID)
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -I $(INCLUDEPATH) -c p15.c

p15: unxfns.o rpg_fns.o p15.o cfarerr.o cfarsms.o
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o p15 p15.o unxfns.o rpg_fns.o cfarsms.o cfarerr.o
-Wl,-L/usr/lib/ -L$(LIBPATH) -L$(LIBLOCAL)

Note*  unxfns.o, rpg_fns.o, cfarsms.o, cfarerr.o :  all are properly
compiled and linked objects.

Variables :

INCLUDEPATH=./ -I $(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/public
LIBPATH=$(ORACLE_HOME)/lib32/ -lnsl -lclntsh -lgeneric9

Jayashree Nair

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