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Re: Cross Compiler Host MinGW Target PowerPC

Brian Dessent kirjoitti:
So I am able to compile the GCC in Linux now!
Today I tried the same procedure in MinGW and fail.
As a "build factory" Linux is quite working... But Windoze isn't :-(

Just to clarify, the reason that MinGW can be a difficult host is
because the build tools (MSYS) understand posix paths but native MinGW
binaries do not.  This means that you have to be careful that all paths
that are compiled into binaries/headers (such as in specs or the build
helper programs like gengtype) are either relative paths or win32 paths

It would be a lot easier to instead use Cygwin as the host for a cross
compiler because you don't have to worry about any of this, as all
Cygwin binaries understand posix paths so there is none of this
"cognitive dissonance" between the build system and the actual binaries.
Or simply use Linux as the $build system ! At least Debian provides a Linux-to-MinGW cross-
toolchain as prebuilt just as it provides a Linux-to-Linux native toolchain... Seemingly also cross-
toolchains for other Debian-supported Linux architectures!

Running text-mode Linux apps made for Debian Linux should succeed also on other distros, I
once tried the Debian's gcc-3.4 for MinGW on SuSE 9.2 and there was no problems. The
problem can be with the '.deb' package, one not guessing how to unpack it. But if we use the
name "archive", the clue is in this. The '.deb' packages are archives created with 'ar' and in them
are the 'data.tar.gz' packages which everyone should be capable to unpack somewhere !

I myself have produced hundreds of Cygwin and MinGW-hosted toolchains but never any of them
on Windoze... IMHO Windoze is both horribly slow (4-6 times slower being reported many times
by those who have compared Linux and Cygwin) and very "weird" as a "Unix-like" build platform,
it really isn't "identical with a Unix", not a "plug and play Unix" like Linux....

But when running binutils, GCC, Insight-GDB, make etc. "compiling and debugging tools" on
Windoze, one usually don't need to be inside the build factory just as a car doesn't need to be
used inside the car factory, the plain road may be enough.... So things like MSYS and Cygwin
can be totally vain.

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