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Re: installing gcc

> I have never used Gcc before and I am trying to install it on Windows XP and
> having problems understanding the process
> I have downloaded the source files for V4.1.1 and I refer to the directory it
> creates.
> The installation notes seem to state I should do a configuration like
> ?configure --prefix=C:\gccwin? to set the object directory to gccwin (the
> name of the directoy I have chosen). There is a file called configure but this
> is not an executable file so this process does not work. I tried this throug
> the DOS window.

You should install cygwin or mingw (or better use those compilers
included in those packages). ( or
configure is not an executable file, it is shell script (something like
.bat files in windows but on steroids).
> I understand the next thing to do is to ?make boostrap? but again there is
> no executable file called ?make?.
All needed packages, should be installed by cygwin or mingw (whichever
you choose)
> Can you point me in the correct direction to start this process of building a
> native Gcc complier before I build a cross complier. I have read all the
> install instructions but cant comprehned them.

Just my thoughts, use some virtualization application to load linux (or
 BSD variants) under the windows and cross compile there (you'll find
free for windows from Microsoft or VMware).

Arturas M.

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