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Re: help building cross compilation ia32 to ia64

Kai Ruottu wrote:
adheer chandravanshi wrote:
We want to build cross compiler ia32 to ia64.
This normally means using the current native $build/$host GCC to compile the $target
binutils and the $target GCC from their sources, the FSF GCC release sourcess being
preferred. The current ones are 'binutils-2.17' and 'gcc-4.1.1', but for a Linux target the
"Linux binutils" sources, '' at '' are recommended....

The choice between those may be debatable, but either should get you started.
Your 'ia64' or "Itanium" isn't very well supported in the Linux distros nowadays, the last I
remember seeing among the mainline distros is that "Red Hat Linux 7.1 for ia64". The
'amd64' or 'x86_64' 64-bit CPU has replaced it totally among the 64-bit PCs... The WinNT4.0
probably was the last Windoze for that too...

Although your 'ia64-linux-gnu' Linux distro would be old, with 'glibc-2.2.2' or something,
Why this propaganda? If you sincerely believe OP is confused between x86-64 and ia64, say so or ask for clarification. I don't see much relevance of your opinion on "mainline distros" apparently excluding the SuSE, RH, and Debian which are in widespread use. OP presumably has a target in mind. I'm somewhat amazed by the contrast in your advice to use a current release or newer version of binutils, but not to use anything else from the last 3 years. RH 4.3 or newer definitely have advantages over earlier RH, aside from needing one of the binutils upgrades you mentioned.

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