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temp copies

Looking at my assembly language output, I'm guessing that I am making temp copies of something somewhere.

I created the typical NoCopy class and put that as a base class of all of my classes involved. I tracked down most/all of the problems except one. I'm using g++ 4.0.1 on the Mac.

The error lines I get are three: one at the top of the NoCopy code, one at the top of the class being copied (that has the NoCopy as a base), and one at a rather complex expression. Sure, the complex expression is somehow causing a copy to be generated (or it wants to) but I can't figure out where my error is.

I'm pretty sure that the problem is I have a const foo and I'm trying to pass it to a function as foo -- because the error message details the copy constructor it would need to use and the result does not have the const but the argument does.

Does g++ have any options that would help me track this down?

Perry Smith
Ease Software, Inc.

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