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Re: Cross compiling gcc for mipsel error [as: unrecognized option `-G']

if you look close enought you'll see that my target is mipsel here
"--target=mipsel" I'm following a short tutorial wehre the guy uses
--target=$TARGET $HOST parametter. I'm just doing the same ;)

Andrew Haley wrote:
Francois DERMU writes:
> That's what I get when I do a "gcc -dumpmachine" on my already installed > gcc (the one that comes with my Ubuntu dist.)

So why on Earth did you post that?  We're talking about a cross

You wrote:

Then I configured my gcc
../gcc-3.4.4/configure --enable-languages="c,c++,java" --prefix=/usr/local/majax --target=mipsel i486-linux-gnu

> What command should I right to get the right parameter ?

Well, you surely shouldn't have "i486-linux-gnu" as a configure
parameter.  Your target should be something like "mipsel-linux-gnu".

> Andrew Haley wrote:
> > Francois DERMU writes:
> > > Sorry my mistake...
> > > > > > First I had my binutils and headers installed in a subdir (majax) of the > > > $prefix to be sure not to break anything on my machine (and that really > > > helped me !!!)
> > > then I copied the content of it directly to the $prefix
> > > but then on the I forgot to change it on the configuration command:
> > > ../gcc-3.4.4/configure --enable-languages="c,c++,java" > > > --prefix=/usr/local-->/majax<-- --target=mipsel i486-linux-gnu
> > > > What does this configure line mean? "i486-linux-gnu"?
> > > > Doesn't make any sense.
> > > > Andrew.

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