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Partial Link


I am not really an advanced user of gcc and I have the following problem.
I have 3 objects files (a driver) and don't have the source code for it.
Another application is using this same driver but I fail to understand how they managed to use it.
First the other app is performing a partial link of those 3 object files into a single one. The resulting is driver.o
they continue to do partial linking up to the root directory so driver.o goes into modules.o

And finally they use gcc on this modules.o and other .o from other directories to get the final executable. The switches used with gcc are "-lpthread -lm -lz -lcrypt -rdynamic -ldl"

So well in my app I tried to do the same. I partially linked the 3 objects files to get driver.o.
but when gcc comes to the linking phase it fails with "undefined reference to somefunc(int)"

somefunc is defined in the driver.o file.

Any help would be appreciated. Also if someone can point out a documentation about partial linking it may help me to figure out..



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