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Re: libgcc_s : What links to it and why?

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
Jeff Blaine <> writes:

I have no explanation for this behaviour.  If you run the link
using the -v option, does it pass -lgcc_s to the linker?  Is there any
chance that you somewhere have a file named  (You should
normally have libgcc.a and

subversion-1.2.0:cairo> ldd subversion/clients/cmdline/.libs/svn |
grep libgcc =>         /usr/rcf/lib/

This in itself doesn't prove that your program was linked with It may be the case that your program was linked with something which uses uses

To see whether your program was linked with, you need to
do something like "objdump -p FILE | grep NEEDED".  If you see on that list, then your program was linked with

Gotcha. It's not.

ldd, on the other hand, does the transitive closure.  That is, ldd
will print any shared library which was used by your program or by any
shared library which your program linked against, recursively.

Yes, there is a /usr/rcf/lib/ that MUST remain where it is.
I simply don't want to link to it with my *other* (production) GCC.

Actually, I was asking whether you had a file somewhere.


That would be another way to get a dependency on if -lgcc
causes the linker to find, and that file has a DT_SONAME of

I am poking around some more to see if I can make any sense out of my situation.

Thanks again for the help so far, Ian.

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