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International Waste Exchange

Dear Company, is a leading *International Waste Trading* web

Our trading system *allow subscribers to insert unlimited "offer "or
"request" listings* about:
thermoplastic, metal, paper, rubber, electronic and other kind of
scraps, used machineries or recycled products within 230 different

*Subscribe now for Free or get an Advanced Subscription at*:
More Informations*

There are two types of membership available at GARWER Wastexchange: 

1. Free Basic Membership 
2. Advanced Membership 

The Free Basic Membership¹ allows you to interact and trade on
our site but certain important functions and online tools are not

The Advanced Membership¹ unlocks the full capabilities of GARWER
Wastexchange and all features, functions and online tools are

Subscription to the Advanced Membership¹ is wonderful value for
money. Annual subscription costs less than 1 Euro a day!! 

Subscribe now to obtain success in your International Business:

For further information and a detailed comparison of available
subscription options go to: 

If you wish to be removed from our info service then please click

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