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[4.1] Problem building latest snapshot on OS X 10.3 target m68k.

Hello all,

I just tried to build C targetting m68k-unknown-elf from the gcc-core-4.1-20050528 snapshot on OS X 10.3. It seems like the top-level configure script did not perform a configure in the intl/ subdirectory.

I invoked the top-level configure script as follows:

   ./configure --prefix=/path/to/install/dir

During compilation, building in intl/ failed because by default no config.h was generated and HAVE_TSEARCH was left defined for some reason. On my host machine (OS X 10.3) there is no <search.h> and compilation failed. Manually running configure within intl/ fixed the problem and allowed me to build.

Is this expected behavior or is there something awry with the top-level configure script?

N.B. After installing the 4.1 compiler it seemed to compile my source base without any ICEs so thats a good sign. :)

Mark G.

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