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Re: How to install gcc on windows.

I think 4.0.2 is more than reasonable.  The last time I looked
at/worked with the Mingw port mods (for a GC build), they were very
extensive and 4.0 is just released!

Dev-C++ works great with 3.4, and I've compiled extensive libraries
with it successfully.


On 5/16/05, David Gressett <> wrote:
> At 07:16 PM 5/14/2005, corey taylor wrote:
> >Is there a Mingw 4.0 port yet?
> >
> >corey
> No, and it may be a while before there is one. The MinGW version of gcc
> patches the original GNU version in many places; the most recent MinGW
> version is 3.4.2; Only a few of these patches have made it into GNU gcc
> 4.0.0, and some will have to be done differently or not at all due to
> changes between 3.4 and 4. The GNU gcc web site contains one report of a
> successful build of unpatched gcc 4.0.0 in a MinGW environment; the person
> reporting built only c and c++, none of the other languages,and could not
> do detailed testing, as he didn't have MinGW ports of the necessary
> software tools needed to do the testing.
> I have found that Ada will not build, even with the 3.4.2 patches applied
> to the Ada part of the gcc source code. I haven't tried any of the other
> languages yet.
> It's very unlikely that you will get MinGW gcc 4.0.x until all of the
> languages work ok.  The MinGW environment is not a "must-have" item for the
> gcc development team, so it gets left to the Cygwin and MingW folks to make
> it work on Windows. They don't have infinite free time to work on compiler
> releases. There is no guarantee that the x in MinGW 4.0.x will be 0. I will
> be surprised if it is less than 2.

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