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Re: OSX gcc binary (no Xcode)?

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> >Well, first I am sorry if I was not clear but my ultimate purpose is
> >not to compile gcc. All I want is a C compiler that actually runs.

>Installing Xcode ought to give you this. If it doesn't, then you're
already screwed.  As you've discovered, you can't >compile gcc without
a C compiler!

> >Are you suggesting that for ANY program, configure should be ran from
> >a different folder than its source's? Or does your suggestion only
> >concerns gcc's source compiling?

>Only gcc (well, and binutil and a few other packages, but it is not
true in general).
>I don't really understand why you are trying to build gcc --- when
you installed Xcode, did you not have a functional >copy of gcc come
with it?

Now that is the real issue: XCode's gcc doesn't work. I reinstalled it
several times, without satisfying results.

Sadly, it seems to me XCode is the only way to get a gcc binary on
OSX. Still, maybe someone here knows of another way to get it. Does
this sound possible?
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