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debugging problem (gcc and gdb)

    Dear All,
   Situation is the following. I compiled an executable from both c++ and f77 source (main program is C++). To link them I used "cfortran.h" tool. System is FedoraCore3_x64.
   The problem is I can't debug the program. When I use DDD it shows only .cpp sources, but instead of fortran ones only files like "/tmp/cc00vKmz.f" can be seen. When I try to see specified fortran source in DDD by writing "list xxx.F:1" DDD says "no source file named xxx.F". If I open with DDD an object file xxx.o of corresponging f77 source it shows the source along with non-existing file /tmp/{something unreadable}.f. When c++ and f77 are linked together only these /tmp/{something unreadable}.f are shown.
  On RedHat8, using the same code and compilation flags, all was working normally (executing and debugging). Would it be possible to tell me what can be wrong?
   Compilation and linking flags are:
 FFLAGS = -g
 CFLAGS = -g -ansi -Df2cFortran
 LD = g77
 LDFLAGS = -lstdc++

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