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Re: multimap.clear() does not free its memory

Hi Toon -

Yeah, since I posted, I also noticed somewhere or another that the
default now is to use new.  I guess it's been a little while since I
looked at the internals... sorry about the missinformation there. 
However the stuff about the pools is still valid, and might be a way
to solve your problem.


On Apr 11, 2005 1:58 PM, Toon Knapen <> wrote:
> Brian Budge wrote:
> > If you do a google search for using allocators with STL, there's a
> > multitude of info.  You can tell STL to use the "new allocator" or the
> > "malloc allocator"...
> Looking at par 2 there's a note that says that the allocate
> member of the allocator uses new. Maybe this is not a strict requirement
> that _all_ allocators have to use new but at least I would expect the
> default allocator to use new. Otherwise the behaviour would not be
> standard conforming IIUC.
> > though I'm not sure if these are standard or
> > not.  If they're not standard, I believe that stlport has them.
> > Sorry, it's been a while.
> The (outdated) SGI STL documentation talks about 'malloc_alloc' and
> 'single_client_alloc' but the standard apparantly does not mention any
> other than the default allocator (AFAICT ;-(
> thanks already for your helpfull response,
> toon

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